After Rudy Giuliani:148 Million Defamation Verdict Now


After Rudy Giuliani

After Rudy Giuliani: 148 Million Defamation Verdict Now

After Rudy Giuliani’s $148 million defamation verdict, SNL cruelly mocks him.

After Rudy Giuliani
After Rudy Giuliani

It used to be common to see Rudy Giuliani in Studio 8H at 30 Rockefeller Plaza. In 1997, while hosting Saturday Night Live, he beat up “Joe Pesci” with a stickball bat, boxed with Will Ferrell (as Janet Reno), and made an appearance in drag as an Italian grandmother.

Over the years, he made a number of additional cameos on the sketch comedy show. One particularly poignant one occurred on September 29, 2001, during SNL’s first episode following 9/11, when he stood beside first responders on the mainstage.

After Rudy Giuliani: 148 Million Defamation Verdict Now

In the years that followed, the former mayor of New York City only made brief appearances to make jokes with the cast about his devolution into conspiracy theories surrounding the election and his allegiance to Donald Trump.

SNL reduced him to “the Mayor of 9-11, because that’s all that’s left in his bank account,” following an order to pay more than $148 million to two election workers he had defamed in the turbulent wake of the 2020 presidential election.

Colin Jost, a co-anchor of “Weekend Update,” criticized Mr. Trump’s previous attorney harshly.
After Rudy Giuliani
After Rudy Giuliani


Jots stated, “Rudy Giuliani was ordered yesterday to pay the hilarious sum of $148m after being found liable for defamation against two Georgia election workers.” He won’t be able to pay it, so you might as well just make it a billion.

He claimed, “At this point, all that’s left in Giuliani’s bank account is that he is only referred to as the ‘Mayor of 9-11.”

Next up was Jots to a picture of Rudy Giuliani’s notorious moment at a 2020 press conference where he had hair dye dripping down his face, which helped spread false claims about voter fraud.

Jost remarked, “Amazingly, seen here in better times.”
US District Judge Beryl Howell questioned Mr. Giuliani directly during the trial regarding his inflammatory remarks he made about Ruby Freeman and Shaye Moss outside the courtroom. That was an accident, he informed her.
“A great deal of accidents are occurring,” Judge Howell remarked.

According to Jost, Mr. Giuliani answered, “Oh, you could smell that?” on “Weekend Update” on Saturday.

Earlier this year, Judge Howell rendered a pretrial judgment finding Mr. Giuliani liable for defamation claims resulting from a protracted lawsuit filed by a mother-daughter pair of election workers.

who, following Mr. Giuliani’s fabrication about their employment at a Georgia ballot-counting facility, are still subjected to racial abuse and menacing messages.

After Rudy Giuliani: 148 Million Defamation Verdict Now

An eight-member jury concluded Friday’s four-day trial in a federal courtroom in Washington, DC, that Mr. Giuliani owed them $16.2 million and $16.99 million in compensatory damages, respectively, as well as an additional $20 million for each of them for purposeful infliction of emotional distress and an additional $75 million in punitive damages.

The astounding decision adds to Mr. Giuliani’s avalanche of other legal disputes, which already include an Atlanta criminal case involving the same lies.

Along with the former president and over a dozen other defendants, he is accused of participating in a “criminal enterprise” to illegally overturn the results of the state’s election.


After Rudy Giuliani: 148 Million Defamation Verdict Now

“I have no regrets at all,” Mr. Giuliani said to reporters on Friday outside the courthouse.

He declared, “The ridiculousness of the number highlights the ridiculousness of the entire proceedings.” “I have no doubt that this case will be reversed so swiftly it will make your head spin when it comes before a fair tribunal.”


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