Records Indicate:1That a sheriff deputy killed.


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Records Indicate:1st That a sheriff’s deputy was killed.

Records indicate that a sheriff’s deputy was killed in a crash in which the son of a senator from North Dakota is charged with a new homicide.

Records IndicateOur records indicate nclex
Records Indicate  Our records indicate nclex


According to court documents, the son of Republican Sen.

Kevin Cramer of North Dakota is being charged with a second time with homicide while evading a peace officer.

Authorities claim that Cramer participated in a car chase that resulted in the death of a sheriff’s deputy.

The North Dakota Highway Patrol reports that Ian Cramer, 42, was first charged with manslaughter in relation to the incident on December 6.

Records Indicate:1st That a sheriff’s deputy was killed.

Records IndicateOur records indicate nclex
Records Indicate Our records indicate nclex


Cramer is accused of eluding law enforcement, running into an unoccupied patrol car, and then striking and killing a deputy who was standing behind the car.

The chase started when police in Hazen, a city roughly 70 miles northwest, of Bismarck – who was operating a Chevrolet Tahoe that had been reported stolen in Bismarck – approached Cramer, and Cramer took off, according to the highway patrol.

According to the release, Cramer collided with an abandoned Mercer County Sheriff’s Office patrol car that was pulled over on the side of the road during the pursuit.

Records Indicate:1st That a sheriff’s deputy was killed.

Records Indicate Our records indicate nclex
Records Indicate Our records indicate nclex


The highway patrol reported that 53-year-old Mercer County Deputy Paul Martin was standing outside the car and preparing to use a tire deflation device to put an end to the pursuit.

Highway Patrol stated, “The impact of the crash pushed the patrol vehicle into the deputy, killing him.”

According to court documents, Cramer has also been accused of committing the felonies of reckless endangerment, preventing arrest, and eluding an officer while committing a felony.

In addition, he faces misdemeanor charges for cocaine and methamphetamine possession as well as a violation for marijuana possession.

CNN has contacted Cramer’s lawyer for comment. December 18 is his next scheduled court date.

In a statement released last week, Sen. Cramer claimed that his son had “serious mental disorders which manifest in severe paranoia and hallucinations.”

According to him, Ian Cramer was being taken to a Bismark emergency room on Wednesday by Kris, the senator’s wife.

Sen. Cramer stated, “Ian jumped into the driver’s seat and fled when she got out of our vehicle.”

The senator claimed that the family used his wife’s cell phone to track the car and assisted law enforcement in finding his son.

“We pray and we grieve, especially for the family of the hero who attempted to assist Ian.”

Sen. Cramer prayed for “our gracious God to show up as He always does in tragedy.”

Martin’s wife and three children survive him; he served in the sheriff’s office for eighteen years.

“NDHP sends condolences to his family, friends, and the entire Mercer County community, honoring the memory and sacrifice of Mercer County Deputy Paul Martin,” the organization said in a Facebook statement.



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